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The Tribe


We gather the energy of the 4 elements and the power of the 7 directions to transform matter into force.

We evoke the power of family unity to bring you into a Sacred Space since the moment you walk in, whether in Toronto or  Tulum the force of Love, Peace and  Unity will vibrate into your thoughts to produce a unique Spiritual Wellness Experience

Spiritual Inspired Boutique in Toronto

A crystal sanctuary, an organic bohemian house, feel welcome by family vibes and make your soul feel at home.

Each crystal speaks the tongue of your soul, energy is everywhere whispering you where to go, guided by the drums and the scents you will feel ready to let go.

Welcome to this house,

house for your soul,



Discover a New World through the eyes of Nature. Celebrate life and allow the wisdom of the land to become a new sense in your body. Unfold new textures, new colors, new sounds, new ideas surrounded by the pristine environment of the Mayan Jungle and the Ancestral steps of their Culture.

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The House of Energy Family to give you and your family an experience beyond expectations. Get deep into the Mayan Jungle or explore the ancient secrets of the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, will walk the path of our ancestors and invite the forces of nature to show us what we are made of. Ignore crowded resorts, waiting lines or massive parks, lets walk a new path together.


Accessing Timeless Wisdom

Inside House of Energy there is a secret gem that provides access to experiences of initiation with the elements of nature in synergy with native and modern non-invasive techniques. A new space is reveal and matter takes new shapes as we help dissolve the heart walls that imposes suffering in our lives and confuses the meaning of our human condition.

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