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Casa Ketzal in Nahku Tulum is an enchanting retreat home nestled deep within the heart of the lush Tulum jungle. This extraordinary dwelling offers a truly unique and immersive experience, blending harmoniously with its natural surroundings. Here's a captivating description of this eco-friendly oasis:


Casa Ketzal is a testament to eco-luxury living. Powered by solar energy, this dwelling treads lightly on the planet, leaving no ecological footprint behind. The rooftop solar panels harness the abundant energy of the sun, providing you with all the modern amenities you need while preserving the pristine beauty of the jungle that surrounds you.

casa ketzal.png


  • Casa Ketzal : 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and yoga loft

  • Connectivity : Starlink internet up to 150mbps and fair mobile phone signal

  • Child Policy : All ages welcome (house may not be ready for kids 5 under without adult supervision)

  • Fly-in : Cancun International Airport and soon from the new Tulum International Airport

  • Check In : 14h00

  • Check Out :12h00

  • Amenities : Ensuite bathrooms, soaking tub, indoor and outdoor showers, hot showers (from Nov to May), jungle views, indoor dining areas, high quality queen size beds, personal bicycles for 1 day, 6 single passes to visit the Cenote, private parking, 24 hours security.

Image by Jakob Owens

Cenote Nochoch
Day Pass incluided

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