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Image by Roberto Nickson


the Mayan



Tulum's allure goes beyond its stunning beaches and Mayan ruins—beneath its surface lies a secret world of wonder, the cenotes. These natural sinkholes, formed over thousands of years, are unique to the Yucatan Peninsula and are an enchanting highlight of any visit to Tulum. 

At Nahku Tulum, we believe that the most extraordinary experiences are often found in the heart of nature. That's why we're delighted to introduce you to the mesmerizing wonder of Cenote Nochoch, an exquisite natural gem that awaits just moments from our eco-sanctuary.

Cenotes are nature's hidden treasures—natural sinkholes filled with crystal-clear freshwater that unveil the secrets of the Yucatan Peninsula's unique geology. These sacred pools offer an otherworldly experience, with underwater caves and stunning rock formations waiting to be explored. Cenote Nochoch is not just another cenote; it's a journey into the mystical heart of the Yucatan jungle. Surrounded by lush greenery and the songs of tropical birds, this cenote is a haven of serenity and natural beauty. Dive into its cool waters, let the sunlight dance on the surface, and immerse yourself in its tranquil ambiance.


As a cherished guest of Nahku Tulum, you're granted exclusive access to the enchantment of Cenote Nochoch. To enhance your experience, we're pleased to include passes for this natural wonder with your stay. It's our way of inviting you to explore the magic of the cenotes and caves, guided by expert tour operators who reveal the secrets of this ancient underworld.


Embark on a captivating journey with guided tours that lead you through the intricate cave systems and underwater wonders of Cenote Nochoch. Discover the hidden chambers, learn about the cenotes' ecological significance, and marvel at the astonishing beauty that lies beneath the earth's surface.

At Nahku Tulum, we're dedicated to providing you with a holistic experience that connects you with the natural wonders of our land. Cenote Nochoch is just one of the many extraordinary adventures that await you here. Come, join us, and let the cenotes and caves of Tulum reveal their mysteries as you bask in the tranquility of Nahku's embrace.


  • Distance: Car 5min | Walking 15min

  • Passes are only individual

  • This pass is not transferible 

  • Open from 8am to 5pm 

  • Does not include guided tour but you can get the tour once you're there 

  • This is a one time visit pass 

  • Please do not wear sunscreen or insect repellent 

  • Please take your garbage with you

  • Do not touch or take any of the stalactites from the cave 

  • Cenote Nohoch has bathrooms, showers and change rooms

  • Food is not allowed in the cenote

  • Drinking Water is allowed to bring in

Image by Jakob Owens

Cenote Nochoch
Day Pass incluided

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