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Hidden within the heart of the lush Mayan jungle, Nahku Tulum proudly presents "Maloka Kin," a sacred sanctuary crafted in harmony with ancient traditions. Our Maloka Kin is a multifaceted space, designed to host a myriad of events, ceremonies, and sacred rituals of passage. Inspired by the wisdom of the Mayan ancestors, Maloka Kin stands as a testament to architectural reverence. Its traditional palm roof and exquisite chukum finishings reflect the deep respect we hold for Mayan culture and craftsmanship, creating an ambiance of timeless authenticity.

At the heart of Maloka Kin, a mesmerizing indoor fire takes center stage—a symbol of unity and the eternal cycle of life. Its warm glow and flickering flames create an atmosphere of profound significance, perfect for ceremonies and soulful connections.

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Surrounded by the lush and vibrant jungle, Maloka Kin offers an immersive experience in nature's embrace. The sounds of rustling leaves and exotic bird songs provide a soundtrack to your event, making it a truly enchanting and memorable occasion. 

Maloka Kin is not just a venue; it's a canvas for your dreams and aspirations. Whether you're planning a wedding, a spiritual ceremony, or a unique gathering, this sacred space welcomes your vision with open arms. It's an invitation to celebrate, connect, and find inspiration in the heart of Tulum's pristine jungle.

Elevate your next event to an unforgettable experience. Maloka Kin awaits your booking, ready to weave the magic of Mayan tradition and natural beauty into your celebration.


  • Capacity: Seating 30ppl, Yoga 15ppl 

  • Open for: Medicine Ceremonies, weddings, workshops or as an extra social space.

  • Included when renting the whole space for retreats

  • Can be booked nightly only from 6pm to 10am next day

  • Maloka Nightly booking is $200USD + $100USD damage deposit

  • Includes access to bathrooms, showers and fire wood 

  • Amenities : Tibetan brass singing bowls, some musical instruments, copal incense holders, yoga matts, sheep skins, matts and cushions.

  • For more information please download our Maloka Manual

Image by Jakob Owens

Cenote Nochoch
Day Pass incluided

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