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Upcoming Wellness Retreats at Nahku: Your Path to Healing and Transformation

At Nahku, we provide transformative healing experiences that harness the power of nature and holistic practices. Our upcoming retreats are designed to guide you through profound self-discovery, healing, and renewal journeys.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up:

7 Centers Release: Healing Through the Chakras

September 11 – 19, 2024

Join us for a nine-day immersive retreat that focuses on releasing the blockages preventing you from living your best life. The "7 Centers Release" retreat empowers you to heal spiritual, emotional, and physical pain one energy center at a time.

Guided by Alice and Joel, you’ll delve deep into the healing power within you, using practices like Kundalini Yoga, Pranayamas, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Reflection, Energy Work, Sound Journeys, and Mindfulness Practices. Each day will focus on one chakra, providing the intention, attention, and space needed for profound release and renewal.

Tulum Wellness Retreats

Recovery from Chronic Pain and Trauma

November 13 – December 13, 2024

April 13 – May 13, 2025

Immerse yourself in a 30-day holistic healing experience set in the serene Mexican jungle. This retreat is designed to help you recover from chronic pain and trauma through a blend of holistic treatments and intentional practices.

Led by experienced practitioners, this retreat integrates treatments like Ear Acupuncture, Reflexology, Reiki, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and MyoFascial Massage Therapy. You’ll also undergo testing for nutritional deficiencies, intolerances, and toxicity, as well as identifying and clearing deep blockages and trauma events stored in your body.

The retreat includes practices such as Intentional Embodied Movement, Sheng Zhen Moving Meditation, Thai Chi Relaxation, and various Meditation and Mindfulness Practices. Our goal is to equip you with tools for self-love, natural connection, and empowered healing, ensuring you can apply these practices to your daily life long after the retreat.

Tulum Wellness Retreats

Holiday Connections: A Solstice Gathering

December 22 – 26, 2024

For many, the holiday season can be a time of loneliness and isolation. If you find yourself feeling disconnected during this festive period, we invite you to join us for a special Solstice Gathering at Nahku. This retreat is designed to provide a warm, welcoming space for those seeking connection and companionship during the holidays.

Set in the serene and nurturing environment of the Mexican jungle, this retreat offers an opportunity to meet new people, build meaningful relationships, and experience the joy of community. Through mindfulness practices, group activities, and personal reflection, you will find solace and renewal.

Our itinerary includes guided meditations, shared meals, and heartfelt conversations around the fire, all aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and support. It's the perfect way to end the year, surrounded by nature and new friends, creating memories that will carry you into the new year with a renewed sense of connection and peace.

Join us at Nahku this December, and let’s turn loneliness into togetherness. Rediscover the warmth of human connection and embrace the holiday season with an open heart.

Tulum Wellness Retreats

Renewing Connection for Couples: Through Nurturing Self-Love

February 5 – 15, 2025

This ten-day retreat is dedicated to couples looking to deepen their connection and nurture their relationship through self-love and mutual support.

You and your partner will engage in activities and practices designed to strengthen your bond, improve communication, and foster a deeper understanding of each other. The retreat includes guided meditations, couple’s yoga, interactive workshops, and plenty of time for relaxation and connection in the peaceful setting of Nahku.

Tulum Wellness Retreats

Join Us at Nahku

We invite you to join us at Nahku for these transformative wellness retreats. Each retreat is thoughtfully designed to provide you with the space, guidance, and tools you need for profound healing and lasting change. Whether you’re looking to release old blockages, recover from pain and trauma, reconnect with loved ones, or deepen your relationship, Nahku offers the perfect sanctuary for your journey.

To reserve your spot, get in touch with our team at:

We look forward to welcoming you to Nahku and supporting you on your path to healing and transformation.


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