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Accessing Timeless Wisdom

Inside House of Energy there is a secret gem that provides access to experiences of initiation with the elements of nature in synergy with native and modern non-invasive techniques. A new space is reveal and matter takes new shapes as we help dissolve the heart walls that imposes suffering in our lives and confuses the meaning of our human condition.

Events & Ceremonies

Creating experiences that transcend our expectation

Is our envision to see all people united in one heart.

Join us along with your own tribe and experience communion with the forces of unity, love and joy

Therapies  | Healing | Wellness

Opening new paths of re-connection

Begin your Spiritual Wellness Journey

Let the forces of the elements remind you of the origins of your soul. In the practice of ancestral wisdom lies the possibility of healing both our body and spirit.

Workshops  & Classes

Re-Discovering new paths of skills

Start writing a new story in your journey with a new set of skills. At House of Energy we offer seasonal classes, workshops and courses to get you set and ready for the new dimension of time.

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