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Nah Ku in Mayan

Nah - house

Ku- energy

House of Energy

Evolutionary Experience


Discover a New World through the eyes of Nature. Celebrate life and allow the wisdom of the land to become a new sense in your body. Unfold new textures, new colors, new sounds, new ideas surrounded by the pristine environment of the Mayan Jungle and the Ancestral steps of their Culture.

About us
Image by Vince Russell

Nested in between the Mayan Jungle and the crystaline waters of Soliman Bay beach and only 7 min driving north from the Bohemian Town of Tulum stands Nahku, surrounded by sparkly Cenotes and impressive Caves in what is known as the lower Mayan Jungle, this location is a cultural treasure of bio-diversity and a vortex of Ancestral Wisdom.



Our mission is to co-create with the forces of Nature and the Power of Spirit a living community of seasonal residents focused on the studies of regenerative food systems, Medicinal Plants agriculture, Bio-Architecture and Co-operative economics.


Nah Ku's master plan is composed of the Ascension Retreat, Alternative and Integrative Healing Clinic, Permaculture Food Forest, Bio-Architecture laboratory, Native Medicinal Plants and Trees Eternal Preservation Initiative.


Aircreate Domes

Nah Ku unique Ascension Retreat and Mayan Dome Village  set in the middle of Ancient land.

Conscious of the impact that humans have had in this planet we have built our domes out of Aircreate a sustainable and material, fully solar powered  and soul uplifting designed

Blessed to be in a region with abundant underground water we re-think the way we build and share our space with others, always considering nature and it's beings as our primordial and eternal guests

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Let us feed you the sweet nectar that comes from mother earth, let us heal you with the recipes of our ancestors,  let us enjoy a tasteful bite of goodness.

Fire cooked and indigenous inspired foods for all.

Mexican food is rich in history, ingredients and flavours. Let us be part of this story with you 

Space & Nature

Nah Ku is surrounded by unparalleled beauty. Let your spirit wander and discover new worlds through the eyes of nature.

Nah-Ku is nested in a natural rich environment with over 700 cenotes around, pristine jungle where animals and insects co-teach us ancient songs

Spiritual Wellness

arrives with ancestral awareness


Accessing Timeless Wisdom

Inside Nah Ku there is a secret path that provides access to experiences of initiation with the elements of nature in synergy with native and modern non-invasive techniques. A new space is reveal and matter takes new shapes as we help dissolve the heart walls that imposes suffering in our lives and confuses the meaning of our human condition.

We offer a wide varieties of:


-Alternative Therapies

-Sacred Plant Medicines





Plant Medicine

 Casa de los Ancestros opens the doors of a a Sacred Space that leads to unification of our selves, the disintegration of negative patterns and heart blockages arriving to the ultimate state of pure love consciousness.

We are humble to be guardians and guides for the ultimate journey of your life powered by Plant Medcines and their Ancient teachings.

Galactik Navigators Experiences is the spiritual wellness network created by the House of Energy Family


Our network runs deep and extends around the world bringing together people, tribes and communities for the always expanding

evolution of our consciousness. 

From traveling deep into the Amazon visiting the Yawanawa tribes to Egypt and its ancient ruins all our experiences are family, kids and elder friendly

How to get here

by Car: From Cancun Airport take the highway 307 towards Tulum for about 1.5 hours be attentive for Oscar y Lalo restaurant keep going for 1 km till you see the sign Mayan Adrenaline ATV's and the Nah Ku sign you will take that road  and continue till you find the fish rock 1km in the Jungle. Be attentive for the monkeys.

by Bus: From Cancun Airport take the ADO shuttle bus towards Tulum directly. 2 hours approx. From the bus station take a taxi or call us to pick you up.

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