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Dome Building Workshop

Creating Sacred Living Spaces

February 27th to March 10th 2020



We welcome you to our sacred space. We are very happy for your interest in making sustainable living a reality. We are excited to welcome you in this ancient Mayan land and we hope you receive more than what you came seeking.


We are thrilled to have you in the jungle and we look forward a wonderful time together. After hosting a few workshops with our friends from DomeGaia we've learnt a lot on how to offer you a better and deeper  experience for your  study of how to build an aircreate dome.

This year Nah Ku is  offering a 7 days Dome Finishing Community Practice after the 10 day workshop  for the ones wanting to learn more in a community style environment.

Please follow the link below to fill your Participant Information form to start. Gracias

Oz, Talitha & Family


This year is a special year with Domegaia as we are building our 3rd Dome, now with more experience and better practice we can share with you a few extra tips for the finishing touches of your dome.


The Nah Ku family invites you to come early or stay later and enjoy the beauty and culture of the region, learn beyond the workshop and be part of the finishing touches while enjoying nature and the community of Nah Ku.

We are offering a 50% off in Accommodation and asking only for $100usd for food contributions for the extra 7 days. ( If you're staying less days we can adjust the food contribution)

During the 10-day workshop, we build a basic dome structure this does not include plumbing, electrical, furniture or finished flooring. We do our best to complete the Aircrete dome during the workshop; however, there is no guarantee of completion as there are unexpected obstacles like weather conditions that may prevent from completion.

Nah Ku is opening an extra 7 days for students of the workshop to stay and deepen their Aircrete studies and put into practice what you have learned in the days previous. We are happy to share space with you and show you how we finish our Mayan Domes:

  • Practice Building Aircrete furniture (bed, counters, shelves, etc)

  • Electrical, Plumbing and finishing touches

  • Special Mayan Plaster called Chukum will be applied to the dome


- Food is made communally and all participants will have to take a shift in the kitchen for dinner.  ( Breakfast and Lunch we have a bit more help) but we encourage communal participation.

-The $100usd contribution to be paid in cash at the registration desk

-The $100usd food contribution includes a Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (salads, fruits, seeds, soups, main veg dishes) if your diet requires meat you'll have to supply your own meat.



Build an aircrete dome

Feb 27th to March 10th

Day 1  -  Feb 27th
3-5pm: Check-In 

7pm Dinner
Nah-ku Tulum

Day 2 
8:30-9:00: Opening Circle
9am-12:30pm: Workshop
12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm-5pm: Workshop 


Days 3-10 
9am-12:30pm: Workshop or Outing
12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm-5pm: Workshop or Outing

​Day 11  - March 10th
9am-12pm: Workshop
12pm-1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm: Closing Circle
4pm: Departure 


Dome Finishing touches

March 11th to 18th

Day 1 - 8
9am-12:30pm: Community Practice

12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-3pm: Community Practice


Day 3
Day off - Enjoy local attractions. Cenotes, lagoons, and archeological sites. We can explore the beaches and go out for dinner and magic.

​Day 8
9am-Communal Breakfast


Accommodations, Gastronomy, Activities and Transportation

Spiritual Wellness

arrives with ancestral awareness

Things to know

Nah-Ku is grateful for your presence and we wish to make your stay with us the most fulfilling for your heart and spirit.

*Accommodations include towels, access to indoor and outdoor showers, washrooms/compost toilets, communal area, fire area and the visit to our neighborhood cenote.

*Please be prepared: NahKu is nested in the lower Mayan jungle so preparation is key for a comfortable and succesfull stay in the jungle. 

*Please inform us of any allergies, concerns, requirements for food, medical conditions and anything you may consider needs our attention.

*NahKu is a family oriented project and we welcome families and kids so let us know if you are coming as

*NahKu is in its beginning stages of its development, please be prepared with your flashlights or headlamp as we run on solar.

*Laundry will be schedule during the week of the workshop at an extra cost. Washing, drying and folding is included.

*All prices are in USD

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